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Congrats, Brian! Having experienced your help first hand on multiple occasions, this is not surprising. You have a unique style and ability to get a team focused on what’s important and collectively resolute on making and sustaining improvements.

Jeff Kerlin | President
Sterling Lawyers

Excellent. Brian is a hands-on guy and a straight shooter.

Marty Ochs | Founder
Green Bay Innovation Group

It's okay to be skeptical, but never cynical. Let the facts speak. Brian has helped our company several times. With his outside perspective, he ensured that each kaizen event stayed on track, bringing fresh ideas and keeping us focused on continuous improvement.

Gavin Bence | VP Operations
Tailored Label Products, Inc.

Brian’s knowledge and expertise that he shares opens many new avenues that has driven our entire staff in a positive direction.

Jeff Cripe | CEO
Label Logic

Brian greatly helped our company, opening up capacity and showing us how to look at processes with a constant eye for improvement. We were a great example of the "how we've always done things" mindset, and Brian showed us how looking at our processes from a different point of view, and aggressively seeking meaningful improvement via strategic change can transform our business. We highly recommend!

Kevin Weeks | Director of Operations
Label Logic

I have worked with Brian on a number of process improvement events. It is hard to believe that an “outsider” of our business could really drive change for the better. But there is great value of having an outside, impartial prospective that Brian brings when working him. We have had so many enlightening moments during our cross functional events that really got the core of issues and truly helped our teams understand how their actions impact others. Not only did we walk away with ways to improve, but even better than that, we came out a more educated, unified team who has a deeper appreciation for each other - and that value can’t be measured. We couldn’t have achieved that without Brian.

Keri Smith | Operations Management
Dot It

Congratulations Brian, having had personal experience with how you move companies to the next level, I would highly encourage anyone struggling to contact you!

Becky Smith | Director of Sales

Brian knows how to get people to realize how to find their inefficient “way they’ve always done it” and get things done faster with less wasted energy!

Christopher E. Doerr
Packaging, Labeling, Printing Expert

TLMI Members who have worked with Brian have improved their business and achieved the desired results. Highly recommend!

Linnea Keen | President

Brian Van de Water changed our company! Capacity was opened, productivity increased 40%, lead times went from 40 days to 14. SPL Consulting is like no other!!! I encourage every business owner to hire him! You won’t be sorry!!

Karen Cripe | President
Label Logic

I've got to say, our team connected with you immediately. They embraced your presence, they were comfortable talking with you. He moved the needle quite quickly.

Donna Fortune | HR Director
Exacto, Inc.

Doubts can certainly be a driving force for discovery! What those seeking to understand about you and SPL Consulting, LLC will find is your expertise and results-driven approach, which many of our FLAG Members have experienced first-hand. Whether it's kaizen, lean manufacturing, leadership, or operational efficiencies, your step-by-step guidance and accountability for action are what DRIVE RESULTS QUICKLY. Full speed ahead Brian! We are proud to have you as part of our Vendor Partner network supporting Flexo Label Advantage Group LLC (FLAG) Members and their businesses!

JC McKay | President
Flexo Label Advantage Group, LLC

Companies should choose SPL Consulting as a partner if they are definitely interested in evaluating processes for improvement. Especially as it relates to improving efficiency, improving capacity and driving immediate action, not action six months from now.

Travis Borchardt | VP Reg Affairs
Nature's Way

The Improvements have really shown up in our financials.​

John Frey | COO
Hansen Foods

Brian is the best investment I have ever made for my company. Investing in equipment can help grow capacity but without smooth operational processes and better communication, we honestly don’t take advantage of those investments and you have taught us “often we can do more with less ".

Sandy Franzen | President
Creative Labels