Welcome to SPL Consulting, LLC, your trusted partner in Strategic Planning, Lean Enterprise, and Leadership Development/Talent Planning. We are a dynamic consulting firm dedicated to helping organizations unlock their full potential to achieve growth and sustained results in today's ever-changing business landscape.

Founder & CEO

Brian Van de Water

In 2017, I established SPL consulting, LLC combining executive level thought process with a rare blend of proficiency in Strategic Planning and Lean Enterprise Implementation. In other words, linking the “what” with the “how.” As an executive in industry, I led seven turnarounds resulting in double digit EBITDA growth. This was accomplished through treating people as the most important asset and involving them in the change process to create team based and positive change. I look forward to partnering with you and can’t wait to see the results.

Brian Van de Water speaking at a Print Think conference.
Our Approach

Transforming Businesses for Success


Hours Created

This is equivalent to 60 Full Time Equivalents! These results are calculated only on the first year of improvement.


Revenue Generated

SPL Consulting, LLC’s clients have filled the additional capacity created with over $44 Million of known revenue growth.

ROI 10x

Average Cost

Return on investment in the cost of partnering with SPL Consulting, LLC is averaging a return of over 10x the cost!

Featured Success Story

One client hired another firm along with SPL Consulting, LLC.  I generated over 14,000 hours of capacity in two resulting in over a million dollars additional revenue monthly!  The other firm, working in another location, failed to improve the process, alienated the leadership team, and recommended hiring additional employees to create capacity.  I was asked to assess whether there was opportunity for improvement or not.  I saw huge opportunity.  In a single Kaizen, we created over 19,000 hours of capacity moving them from 28% over available capacity to 18% below capacity!

Brian Van de Water holding his FLAG Award.
Not just another consultant...

Why choose us?

Expertise: Through my 30 years as a leader in industry, I gained a breadth of knowledge and real-world expertise , across multiple industries, in Strategic Planning, Lean Enterprise, and Leadership Development/Talent Planning. SPL’s processes and approach are proven time and time again to generate transformational results.  On top of that, you always get the "A" Team. I often hear from clients that have previously embarked Lean Journeys that when they hired a firm, they sent in lower level team members that have a Continuous Improvement background, but fail to effectively lead and sustain the change effort.

Collaborative Approach: We believe in working closely with you and your team, building strong relationships, and fostering a collaborative environment. I have been described as having a “warm, consultative style” that makes everyone from the CEO to the front lines comfortable very quickly.

Results-Oriented: Our ultimate focus is on delivering tangible results that drive sustainable growth and value for your organization. We align strategies and actions with your specific objectives to ensure measurable outcomes that positively impact your bottom line.

Sustainment Support: Our commitment to your success extends beyond project completion. SPL emphasizes the importance of what Leadership needs to do differently to ensure sustainment of results and improve execution of plans. Ongoing support and guidance to help navigate challenges and capitalize on opportunities as your organization evolves, is customized to your specific needs.

Team: The foundation of SPL’s approach is centered on the principles of remembering people are your most important asset, conduct with integrity, utilizing a team based approach and focusing on fixing the problem, not the blame.

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