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SPL Consulting, LLC

We are a dynamic consulting firm dedicated to helping organizations unlock their full potential to achieve growth and sustained results in todays ever-changing business landscape.

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Transforming Businesses for Success

Hours Generated

Over 171,000 hours of capacity has been generated for clients! This is equivalent to 60 Full Time Equivalents! These results are calculated only on the first year of improvement. These results compound year to year providing an even greater return!

Revenue Generated

SPL Consulting, LLC’s clients have filled the additional capacity created with over $68 Million of known revenue growth.

ROI 10x
Average Cost

Return on investment in the cost of partnering with SPL Consulting, LLC is averaging a return of over 10x the cost! If you were investing in the stock market, many of us would jump at even a strong 25% annual growth. Why wouldn’t you invest in your own business to get a return that dwarfs Wall Street!


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