Don’t Let Perfect Get in the Way of Better!

"Don't let perfect get in the way of better."

A simple but profound and impactful statement. I often hear leaders say things like this, “This is definitely an area we need to work on, but I need to get the team in the right mindset.” or “We are considering hiring a new person in the next few months, so we want to wait until they are onboard.” Their thought is to get everything “perfect” before they make a decision. There may be times this is necessary, but often it is shortsighted, and delays results that could have been achieved by taking action.

By moving forward with a Kaizen or developing and executing a Strategic Action, you can improve performance now. It may be a small or incremental step forward, but small improvements when added to other small improvements, add up to big improvements over time. Continuous improvement is just what the term describes. It is continuous and never ending.

A typical Kaizen can produce an average improvement of approximately $20,000 per month and $250,000 annually. Even if you cut that in half to $10,000 a month, a six month delay would cost you $60,000! With this return on the table, I ask you to consider taking action and Don’t Let Perfect Get in the Way of Better!

Brian Van de Water | CEO - SPL Consulting, LLC