COVID-19: Time to Reboot?

COVID-19. The invisible ugly bug. Who would have thought something so small could de-rail progress in American business to the level it has. It effectively took focus off core Strategic Initiatives and virtually halted process improvements external contractors and consultants could provide. I believe it is time REBOOT and start bringing key external resources back.

Great strides have been made with implementing and following through on social distancing and proper mask wearing within your facilities. But I ask you to consider, what next and when do we open our doors to select, high impact resources that come to us from outside our business? COVID, as much as we would all like it to, has not gone away and will likely be a household word well into 2021. If this is true, can you afford to keep high value-add, external resources at arm’s length?

SPL Consulting, LLC. spoke with clients regarding Positive COVID Cases among their employees and subsequent positive cases traced back to the initial employee after implementing social distancing and mask/shield wearing practices. This information creates a compelling argument supporting controlled access to key external resources. Of those spoken to, most have had at least one employee test positive for COVID. Of those having an employee test positive, virtually none had a subsequent positive test connected to the initial employee!

This information is key to making the next step in creating protocol allowing you to take advantage of external resources to help you improve performance. If your COVID protocol requires external resources to follow your internal COVID policies regarding social distancing and PPE, it’s likely the same results could to be expected.

Brian Van de Water | CEO - SPL Consulting, LLC